The Webkinz Mountains is a movie about a pug Edmun, a penguin Pablo and a fish Nemo who explore the never-before-seen mountains of Webkinz! film is disrtuded by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies.


Edmun, Pablo, and Nemo were brothers who were sleeping in their beds on Christmas, hearing a voice during their dreams about snow and Santa and presents saying 'go to the mountains'. When they wake up, they question the voice to each other. And then they remember it's Christmas and they run down the stairs. When they get down the stairs, they check their stockings contain candy and their presents with toys. As they play with their toys, 'go to the mountains' goes through their heads again. Then they see the tallest Webkinz mountain and they are about to hike up it when someone stops them, saying it's 'a never-before-seen land' and 'is not for the wee ones'. After the man leaves, they attempt going up the mountain many times, but every time they get caught by an adult. Then they make a plan.

The Plan

Step 1: Go to bed at normal time, no complaining or begging tonight to stay up later.

Step 2: At 11:00, report awake.

Step 3: When we have confirmed everyone is awake at 2:00, we will sneak out the window with our night-vision goggles we got for Christmas and report to the mountain with hiking gear.

Step 4: With our best try, we will go up the mountain and explore this 'never-before-seen land'.

Step 5: After we've seen the land, take as many pictures as you can and we must report back to home and in bed by 6:00.

Anyways, back to the movie...

They start hiking up the mountain when a bump is seen in the mountain and Nemo falls down a step. Pablo laughs, but then falls down two steps. Edmun is almost to the top and steps on his final step and approaches the land of the snowy mountains in shock. Nemo makes it up next, and faints at his sight of the land. Pablo finally makes it up, and runs to the island. Edmun and Nemo can not catch up with him, and tell him to slow down. He continues running until he finds a strange log cabin. When they wake in, they see Santa. Nemo faints again and is carried through the rest of the log cabin. Santa says that they can stay for the night, as stops time so they won't get in trouble. They stay for the night and Santa starts time again, where it is still night there, 2:00. They rush down the mountain and run back to their house. They make it at 2:45 and smile at each other, saying that they have to go again. And then, a voice says in their head, sounding like Santa, saying 'come again soon'.